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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and farther to the south. a lot of heat and humidity, too. current temperatures in the city. everyone in degrees. dulles, cooler; frederick, cooler. 43 in baltimore and not bad at 92. fredericksburg, 95 and when we factor in the humidity, that gives us a heat index here and over 100 degrees and fredericksburg didn't report, but last hour, fredericksburg was reporting a heat index of about 112 degrees. technically, they cancelled the heat index because leave all we were -- overall, were not up to the numbers, the advisory numbers. to the east and south, it's still in tact. this is the evening's forecast at sudden:00. 94 and going to be -- 7:00. 94 and going to be hot and humidity. be careful out there, keep it slow and once the sun goes down, the temperatures will cool off. 86 at 9, 81 at 11:00 and should be very mild overnight tonight and more relief is coming.
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by thursday and friday, it's going to be pleasant around here. the complete forecast is coming up in a bit. we want to remind viewers if you have to spend any time outside, pay close attention to possible symptoms of heat exhaustion and that is dangerous and can lead to heatstroke. the heavy swelling, feeling weak or confused, dizziness, nausea, headache and dark- colored urinein. if you have any symptoms, get out of the heat quickly, rest this a cool building, take a shower, a cool shower if you can and if you're not bitter in 30 minutes, contact your doctor. a woman convicted of killing two men is heading to prison. and the judge handed down the sentence a maximum of 20 years and she killed two men as they stood outside of their cars last february. she should never have been behind the wheel with two prior convicts and a suspended license. >> reporter: jenny sat and
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listened as friends and family of the victims made their way to the witness stand and tried to put into words what they were feeling in their hearts. some held tissues and weeping tears. -- wiping tears. before 11:00 p.m., february 21st, they were exchanging insurance information by the side of the road. when jenny mattei plowed into them at a high rate of speed. it was a horrific speed dragged at the suv for 100 feet. he died in front of his then 15- year-old brother who was riding with him in the car that night. in a statement to the judge, the prosecutors went through a long list of run-ins mattei has had with the law, including the fact that mattei was covected and waiting to be sentenced. >> i understand that everyone makes mistakes and they need another chance and they made
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too many mistakes. >> reporter: without turning around to face family members, she read from some papers in her hand saying i apologize for your loss. i am not perfect. i hope you can forgive me for my sips. i'm trying to find peace. i have been suffering from alcohol addiction. >> how many times do you have to make a mistake and get punished for something, do it over and over again. and that is -- and hopefully she'll get. maria rosario, justo's sister, listened to the apology judge felt it was not true. >> i was angry. to me it seemed like she didn't really mean her apology or care and didn't understand how much trouble she caused and how much pain she caused to my family and to those family. >> reporter: he's a father of five. the father said that he loved his family search he wanted to build a house big enough so all
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of them could live together. there is no truth in 7 ting in maryland so it's unlikely that mattei will have to serve the entire sentence. she has a five-year-old son and is several months pregnant and is due to deliver in september. another rock-climbing instructor at a howard county company is charged with having sex with a underage student. last thursday, they were charged with fourth-degrees sex offenses. the 31-year-old michael lions was charged last month with sexually assaulting a 14-year- old girl. both men worked at earth tricks in -- earth treks in columbia. a big shakeup in the leadership of the d.c. couple as the lawmaker told the marathon's final session before the summer recraze. the council chairman brown has reassigned committee chair appointments. one major change? has tommy listolution the all- important public works and
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transportation committee, which is raising questions about whether brown was seeking revenge here and karen has more. >> reporter: there were several big changes and this has the appearances of chairman brown flexing his muscles. privately, lawmakers are saying tommy list took a hit in the knees because he took the lead in ethics legislation after kwame brown had that problem with the suv. >> all in fave, say aye. >> all oppose? >> no. >> and -- >> reporter: the vote was clear the council went along. nobody motioned brown's request for a fully-loaded lincoln navigator leading the city to lease two of them or the fact that the u.s. attorney is now investigating possible criminal violations by his re-election
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campaign committee. >> and i believe that the council of columbia must be responsive to this climate of change. >> reporter: brown summonned those involved to a late-night meeting at the wilson building. it cost tommy list big time. the ward 3 couple member now gets the position as chair of the remained committee of the vehement public works and transportation. at large council member vincent orange now shares the new small and local business development mitee and ward 6 council member tommy list gets planning parks libraries and development. which brought drama to the couple chambers. >> -- council chambers. >> mr. chair, i'm going to object today. >> reporter: the move means he gives up a prominent appoint met to the ramada transet board. >> i believe it's wreckless. i think it lacks seriousness regarding the appointments that ceo makes to metro.
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>> reporter: the chairman vigorously disagreed and denied his actions were an attempt of political revenge. >> not fact lull truth at all and i have a tremendous amou of respect for councilman wells. he's done phenomenal work. >> i can't say -- and what that is. >> reporter: it comes as several face questions. >> reporter: the president of the d.c. chamber of commerce said it makes it seem as if the government is unstable. some political observers are saying that brown had to come out on the attack and he did so to divert tag from his own problems. he's -- attention from his own problems and is opting not to hold his political enemies too close to the vest. >> we mentioned this is the last legislative session before the sum errecess. what other issues are they dealing with right now? >> reporter: they're busy taking up a lot of other issues. in fact, still inside the couple building and they're
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going deal with online gambling. there is a gun law issue that is probably going to be pulled off the table that phil mendelson proposed and they're going to put a cap on the salaries of two top officials. the d.c. police chief making $253,000 the school's chancellor, kaya henderson, who makes about $275,000. laura. >> pretty major decisions in the last legislateir session. thank you -- legislative session. >> thank you. lawmakers ramped up some tough talks. after days of unsuccessful talks, mitch mcconnell proposed giving president obama new power for automatic debt limit increase. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom. >> reporter: this is remarkable.
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senator mcconnell failed to a heave a deal with the republicans and after that, the deal is unattainable. several hours later, they came out to allow president obama to request the $2.4 trillion in new borrowing authority. what that debt increase limit would mean is that effectively would raise the debt ceiling and the house and senate would have to pass las allowing that. the mcconnell proposalitations the place of the ongoing white house debt new orleans month the congressional -- negotiations among the congressional and the president. the cuts are going intensive the last few days as the republicans said that they won't agree on any new taxes and they want more revenues for the government. the president himself raised the stabs on all of this by saying what the deet sealing --el to cbs news during an interview that he could not guarantee the social security checks will not go out as
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planned on august 3rd. the debt ceiling is not raised by august 2p. >> can you great as problem, the checks will go out on august 3rd? video can i can't guarantee the checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. there may not be the money in coiffures to do it. >> they asked us to join them to pull the wool over the eyes of the american people. >> the administration carefully leaked to the media without details the idea it was willing to go along with trillions of dollars in spending cuts, the savings they were to support was at best smoking mirrors. >> reporter: after all of that, mcconnell said the running backs, in his words, will do the responsible thing to ensure the government does not default on its obligations. the gob gob leaders said that they -- gop leaders said they won't raise the did the ceiling without the budget cuts. right now, it's a idea by
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delinking the tax and budget issues and this is going to push the arguments down the road. >> and with the advantage economically and politically of the proposal on both sides? >> that is a good question. we put that so to some political analysts. in a way, that is a win-win for both sides. the republicans would be able to go out and avoid an economic catastrophe and held the law against new taxes o. flipside, democrats can say that they preserved the deep cuts and in social security and medicare. in a sense, nothing would change and both would clack victory. >> that sounds like washington and tom fitzgerald tonight. right now, mourners are inside a palm desert, california, church, remembering the life of betty ford.
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mrs. ford died friday. the former president george w. bush helped nancy reagan at the service. the first lady michelle obama is also there with roslyn carter and the secretary of state hillary clinton. mrs. carter will speak at the service. former president gerald ford died in 2006. mrs. ford is survived by her four children and families. was a police officer black maild into dropping his investigation? shocking new allegations in the phone hacking scandal rocking the uk as rupert murdoch is called to testify. we have the latest on this developing story next. >> and president obama taking the time to recognize one solar's bravery and cure. we're going to take you inside today's medal of honor presentation. next. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. we make the time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries,
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but what we should also be celebrating are the moments. the ones that could have been just another day but became extraordinary memories. moments when we learn about the world that came before us and a little more about ourselves. let's celebrate together. colonial williamsburg. come, be part of the story. plan your stay at,
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>> several new developments in the news of the world phone hack scandal. former british prime minister gordon brown is accusing two other news corporation newspapers of illegally obtaining information about his family. in an interview with the bbc, browns said the sunday times hired criminals to hack into his bank and tax records and said that the son learned his child had cystic fibrosis, information he claims he could never have obtained legally. meantime, a parliament panel grilled a london police officer today on why he did not investigate phone hacking allegations at the news of the
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world years earlier. >> i had no idea. i had no idea and -- this investigation is going. as far as i am concerned from july 2009 and july 2005 a '06, this affected two people. a rogue reporter and that is what we believed to be the case. >> rupert murdoch is in the process of trying to take full control of british sky broadcasting. the british government today joined in calls for murdoch to shell his -- shelf his efforts until the investigation is complete. wiki leaks founder julian assange is in a court. sweden wants him brought there for trial. he denies the charges against him and claims the prosecution is politically motivated and a federal grand jury is investigating the wikileaks publication. assange is under house arrest at a british mansion. a stunning assassination in
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afghanistan. the half-brother of karzai was shot to death at his home by a close associate. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack on karzai. petraeus, commander and nato forces promised international help in finding those responsible. karzai was the controversial figure who denied allegations of corruption and beinglinged to drugs. karzai's death leaves a power vacuum in the south as the government begins peace talks with insurgents. >> we suffered from the same kind of pain and our hope is that god willing, there is an end to the pain and suffering of our afghan people. >> car jay survived several previous assassination at the same times. -- assassination attempts. congressman ron paul won't run for congress again. the 75-year-old has gotten more support for his presidential run than ever and won't try to run for two offices at once. mayor john huntsman is in south
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carolina telling primary voter when is he was governor of utah, the state ranked first in job creation and compared that to massachusetts which, which is 47ing. the fellow candidate mitt romney was governor of massachusetts. huntsman was in office in utah. >> president obama awarded u.s. army sergeant first class laroy petrie with a medal of honor at the white house. he was part of an operation in may of 2008 to try to take down an al qaeda leader in afghanistan. he was hit with ak-47 fire in both legs and led another realmer to cover and radioed for help. the enemy grenade landed near two fellow rangers and he threw himself forward to pick it up and throw it back as it explode. >> with that self-less act, leroy saved his two ranger brothers and they're with us today. his valor came with a price. the force of the blast took leroy's right hand.
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shrapnel riddled his bottle. one of his teammates said i have never seen someone hurt so badly. [ applause ] >> and even after this, he tied his own tourniquet and continued to -- the fellow ragers. this is the second time since vietnam a medal of honor recipient has an ongoing conflict to receive his medal in person. we're following a developing story nationwide playing out here in the district. cheating on standardized tests. they help the department of education to decide which schools need action and helping students. there are now investigations underway at schools in d.c. and baltimore, philadelphia, and atlanta. looking at high numbers of erasure marks and to significant improvement in scores. the american federation of teachers is defending the instructors who are caught up in those investigations and we're going to be joined by the
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president of the that union, randy winegarten where they're meeting now. is she available now? can you hear us? having technical issues with that picture. we're going to take a break here and try to get back to that as quickly as we can. again, this is an issue going on all over the nation and talking about standardized tests. i believe randy is with us. are you this their? can you hear me? okay. yeah, i can. >> okay. >> let me get your reaction. >> yes, i can had you now. >> let me get your reaction to the cheating scandal that is happening in several countries around the country. what is your reaction to the situation underway? >> actually we said from the moment that our union blew the whistle on this scandal in 2005 in atlanta, that cheating is
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unacceptable. we have said that from that moment and, unfortunately, the system of atlanta is -- with what our union said and in fact, people who came forward got fired. and cheating, bottom line, unacceptable. and there are thousands across america who don't succumb to this kind of behavior and we need to make sure that we know that. >> okay. >> and so, let me say this. the environment we're finding ourselves in is the test data and the targets become more important than teaching and learning for kids. and what is really the tragedy is that when you look all across america, the academics and standardized tests don't move the needle. when you look at -- [
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overlapping speakers ] you compare with. >> the testing right now. >> right. >> and what is worse is that the emphasis, there is not anything like that in the countries and they're doing better. >> uh-huh. >> and rather than having this emphasis on testing and on fear and entimidation, we should follow what they do, which is an emphasis on teaching critical thinking and teaching problem solving and ultimately, a climate of trust and collaboration rather than fire error and intimidation. >> "usa today" quoted you as saying the union will represent accused teachers to ensure fairness and to make sure, this is a quote, that it's not a witch-hunt. do you think there is a witch- hunt going to well, our union, as i said, in atlanta and in washington, d.c., as soon as our union saw what was going on in washington, d.c., they called for a deal kind of
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investigation. like what happened in atlanta to get to the bottom of this. what is starting to happen in atlanta is that all of a sudden instead of saying let's really make sure that we snuff this out, we make sure that the teachers and administrators who never were comfortable are held in good esteem and let's come up with particles to make sure it never happens again. there is too much of the finger pointing and rather than making sure it never happens again. >> we want to make sure our teachers report cheating our kids. >> right. >> and by helping our kids teach. >> right. >> and with the panel? >> to leave see this? -- oversee this? >> i, i -- we are calling for, in washington, the same thing that the governor did in atlanta. and in georgia. this is not a partisan matter. this is a bipartisan matter. you have to get to the bottom of it for credibility.
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virtually all teachers don't succumb, you know, teachers are incredible people. very few of them succumb to this kind of behavior. you have to make sure that people are treated fairly and the bottom line is that most importantly, you have to make sure that kids are not cheated. when kids get better test scores than they ought to have because of some misappropriation or some funny business, we're cheating kids. all in all, we have to give back to an environment where we're focused on diving and learning, where we have -- on teaching and learning. that is what the countries at our computers do and that is what we should do here. >> randy weingarten, thanks for joining us tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and we'll be right back. 
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>> before we get to casey anthony, we're following some breaking news out of montgomery
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county right now. sky fox is flying over metro's red line. you're taking a look at pictures and this is the redline between the tacoma park and silver spring stations. metro is single tracking on that span of the system because the heat is reportedly warping the tracks there. because of this, there are 15 to 20-minute delays there and you can see the crews inspect and you can inspect them through the evening recruit and there are no injuries and we're continuing to follow this and we'll bring you more as we get it. and looks like casey anthony's mother could be charged with purlry for her testimony in that murder trial. they don't know what was intensionally false. casey will be released from jail tomorrow. phil kiting with what a juror said about the case and how he might lywhen released.
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>> reporter: or countiy should of a officer and in peeking out of the investigation and verdict. we have to respect the judicial system and what a jury is brought to courtroom to do. whether we agree or disagree with that and and i am unhappy that is the verdict. i feel strongly in the case and i still do. >> two jurors, including the foreman, going on the record with fox news channels greta van susteren about why they couldn't convict anthony on the more serious charges of her death. >> and a lot of gray areas that go on that and when the body was discovered. there is a lot of that, you know, just a lot of speculation as to how it got there and who took it there and a lot of unanswered questions in that regard. >> reporter: meanwhile, the chicago sun times reporting that casey anthony could live in the skies.
5:30 pm
anthony and her advisors are considering various decides. and discussing possible plastic surgery. she will live in a similar location and synonym. a course -- that casey realizes there are various death threats out there and believed that they are isolated to a few disturbed people and that is saying that quote doesn't realize the death of the hatred out there and she gets released from jail on sunday. in miami, fill keating, fox news. and the fox 5 money team is tracking last-minute summer travel deals. when you need to know before you book next. gas prices hovering upped $4 a gallon. how -- under $4 a gallon. the scoop on hydrogen cars ready to hit the road next. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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>> the biggest online travel company and deal site teamed up. groupon getaways kicked off today and hillny -- melanie alnwick has more. >> this is a look at some of the offers. $90 a night for the palms in las vegas, 300 a night at the standard in miami, and for two nights in miami and people are taking victim of them. combining the daily deals, grade with -- trade with travel is new and all are deep and you need to be a careful consumer. travel is making a comeback especially in the business segment. higher bookings for hotels and airlines can mean higher rates
5:35 pm
for vacationers. for the discount travel. douglas quinnby, the director of research for industry analysts focused right. and consumers are still apprehensive. they're not quite ready to -- untie those first rounds. a few offerings and pretty interesting products and could be very well -- >> groupon has partnered with expedia for groupon getaways. offers on the first day range from $79 for one night and vermont, the point resort to $500 for a $1,000 tahiti vacation voucher. it escapes deals since november. >> the first focus is in the -- and you wanted a quick weekend in a box. >> reporter: the idea is to
5:36 pm
inspire travel. and the online research. >> sometimes you need an editor, sometimes you want someone to come in and say this is something fan tastic you should try. >> reporter: the question is whether the limited time group deal motto will work for travel. 15% of general per chases go up use ised -- unused and a loss to the customer. >> and make sure you fop the fine print around black updates and the requirements that you seen up for is going to work for your vibe. >> reporter: still, with discounts this deep, it's worth adding these sites to your travel wish list. they do try to make their deals good for six to 12 months and if the customer hasn't been able to -- that liveing social will refund the money and groupon offers a booking great.
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>> thank you. and if an iced coffee sounds refreshing, get more than one cup starting today. starbucks is offering the drippings and they will have 90 calories forup sweetened drinks and sugar. >> a move on capitol hill to get more electric and hybrid trucks on our roads. smith electric vehicles is one of the companies that makes the instructions and showcase green technology today. they're promoting the hybrid and electric instructions -- trucks and infraing structure -- infrastructure act now in congress. it's to bring down the cost for consumers. a high cost of gas motorcycling alternative fuel vehicles look better and better. and creating a new system with the hydrogen-powered car. this is what it means for the car market and your home in the
5:38 pm
future. >> seems you don't have a choice. >> 17 gallons at $73. >> forced to pay. be forced to pay. >> reporter: how much you drive and your car's gas mileage. >> i fill up on a monday and usually i have to put them in. >> reporter: steve young's camry gets 25 miles to the gallon. it's not enough. >> is this the time to ride your bike to work and to find what you drive. and once at the certain point, it's time to find something else. >> young is banging on a new system to power the car. >> it uses hydrogen gas. yes, the h in h20 of water. >> we're not prisoners of anything. we can extend the life of fuel as much as we want to.
5:39 pm
>> and he is a leading researcher for vehicle and recreational use. >> and this is -- >> mechanics at the east memphis green stop will install a bask hydrogen coverter to young's car and that uses the own electricity to reduce low- grade hydrogen from water. >> what ins through here is pure brown -- hydrogen gas. it promises to improve power and gas mileage. you can extend a 30-mile per gallon vehicle and my estimate, to about 45. that is huge! >> the auto industry wants the technology for new vehicles. toyota which produced the video along with hooa, general motors and chrysler are testing hydrogen-powered cars. toyota plans to bring hydrogen
5:40 pm
suvs to the showroom in 20 fen, and fund -- 2015 and these companies plan to build h2 fueling stations. >> i have fallen in love with this. if i can keep driving. >> and there is one last situation. >> he believes he's created a better mouth strap. what is miss signature world driving a bath to his door. well, you can forget the chemical weed eater. it's going to the goats in one spot. we'll explain still ahead. 
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>> all right, this is a new video going viral and it's more prove that sleeping like a baby is not all that restful.
5:44 pm
he's so cute. and pops back up smiling. she does that over and over again and on the east -- at least she does that and nods off and goes to sleep finally. lots of smiles and a few tears in a colorado this weekend. they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. they married in 1941 when leah was -- leo was 18 and millie 17. the secret to a long and happy marriage, they say s simple. >> if you're mad at each other, walk away and cool off. then go back and talk it out. >> and some of them walk away and don't come back. [ laughter ] jot couple celebrate their anniversary every year with the five which were and 17 grandchildren. -- five children and 17 grandchildren. >> sounds like they each have their schtick. word is the heat and
5:45 pm
humidity is going away for a will bit. >> the forecast is ahead.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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[ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations.
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[ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. >> another historic moment for the final, final flight of the space shuttle atlantis. this is the last spacewalk of the space shuttle program. the space station astronauts loaded the broken cooling pump to the atlanta tis to bring it back to earth and they're installing the technology experiment, which will let the station's robot practice using tools for refueling satellites in orbit. the atlantis astronauts learned they will get extra time in space. the mission is being extended by one day coming home on july 21st. and there are a lot -- they're quieter than a weed whacker and in some ways, they do a better job. they're goats and being used to clear forest land in montgomery county. john ren he -- rip he han --
5:49 pm
john henrehan has more. >> reporter: the 33 acres of woodland in gaithersburg, maryland, owned by the conservation group over the years has become overrun by invasive plant species. >> and this is an invasive called oriental bittersweet and does well in the shade and will climb trees and see we catch it at this ape, it's -- this age, it's great and if we leave it alone, it will wind up like trees and an anaconda. >> reporter: administrators were considering asking hundreds of volunteers to assemble to clear one acre of epvaseef plants and ryan knox of a company called,co goats had an alternative solution, goat grazing. since early july, 60 goats divided into two herds of 30 each. and have been mining their way through whatever plants they can reach. the goats are kept in areas where invasive plants have overrun the native species.
5:50 pm
ecogoats uses an electified fence system. 8,000-volts, slowasmerrage. i'm not typing it. the goats have learned and this allows them to use extremely lightweight fencing and they can throw it quickly and pen in the goats in the target area. the isaac walton league so far is happy with the results and the goats munch right through the thorny plants and largely clear this area. >> they're going to be removed and they're going to have a direct herbicide application to remove the stump and in the fall -- and try to return a vaccinate the habitat. >> the city of gaithersburg is funding the pilot project of using the goats to clear the wooded areas to the tune of $2,000 an acre. that's cheaper than hand clearing and the city officials are seriously considering using goat herds elsewhere.
5:51 pm
>> in gaithersburg, maryland, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> and use those. the byproduct coming with that and they lone up and make a mess. the money hot wave is continuing. it's not going to be as hot and as we get into thursday and friday very, very comfortable around here, which is indicative of the summer. we have had some hot days and the hotness is replaced by the nice, cool, drier air to the north and west. the temperature right now is down a little bit, 94 degrees here in the city and monasses,
5:52 pm
95; fredericksburg is 93. when you factor in the humidity, of course, it feels like it's going to be the upper 90s in town and quantico, 103 and fredericksburg still feels like 100 and feels like 107 in there. and stepping out this evening, going to be hot and solid and muggy. i think the next few hours and once the sun ins down, 94 degrees at 7:00 and going to feel like it's in the upper 90s. okay. cooler at 9:00, muggy and 86 degrees there and by 11:00, at least here in town, which typically stays warmer longer and we're going to be in the lower 80s and the mugginess will continue and lightly drier air moves in and leave night tonight. last night, big thunderstorms were moving through and tonight, that is not the case and this is a brand-new radar to give you an idea. i would love to say there are big storms out there and i had to go chasing out storms and
5:53 pm
looking at the live radar imagishy out of des moines, iowa and the very, very strong and sweeter out there this evening. again, it's moving on east to the radar site and just to show you that we can look around at all of the dimesses of the storms and if they're over here, we can look at them in three dimention, showing the highest tops of the storms out just to the west of the des moines, iowa here and the real big high-tops, that is where the strongest and severe weather is. that is the new tool for us and you're going see them around here. the sentinel radar and moving into different applications as well. overnight tonight and nothing bad, the mild, low tells, 76 here in town for -- low temperatures. 76 in up to for a low. and 52 that is possible with the suburbs early, early in the morning and in the upper 60s, wins out of the northwest five to 10 and tomorrow, a lot like today and going to be a lot cooler feeling than it was
5:54 pm
today. the televisions will max out into the lower 90s and, again, gets warm in a hurry. the humidity will be just a little bit lower. by the afternoon, this 92 may feel like about 94 or 95 and we're not talking about heat index readings over 100 degrees. and some agents for tomorrow and looks like we'll have a few spotty thunderstorms. we're not talking a lot of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and not an outbreak of themes and we'll have some tomorrow. only 87 degrees and some of you in the mid-80 and a lot less humidity out there, too and on friday, we'll have a spotty thunderstorm possible and still, i think, friday is very, very nice, the high temperature of 85 degrees and starting a gradual warming trend going into the weekend. it doesn't look like it's going to be that bad at all. a couple of days where it's been miserable here and a quick
5:55 pm
break from the heat. >> we'll take it. >> thanks, gas, re. the man who -- thanks, gare. the man who created some of the '60s most loved tv shows died. he died early this morning in california. he was 94 years old. the family said he hoped to bring gilligan's eland to the big screen like the bread bunk movies in the '90s. schwartz started his career as a writer for bob hope's radio show. the president issues a warning about dire consequences if the debt ceiling is not raised. how social security recipients can be affected if congress doesn't reach a deal in time. plus. and the people who live in this house came home to discover that someone was up working on the roof and the ole problem is it's never called a roofer. i'm beth parker, what happens new coming up. and you could have just kept the ball. why a yanks fan who thought he was doing a good deed can get hit with a hefty tax bill. 
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>> after days of tough talking and bitter debate over raising the nation's debt ceiling, a top republican is offering a solution to the political gridlock. senator mitch mcconnell is ready to let the president raise the debt ceiling by hill. the minority leader delivers a surprise announcement hours after a blistering speech aimed at the obama administration. meanwhile, the president himself is turning up the hot and warning social security checks may not be issued if the debt ceiling is not raised. >> reporter: the only thing democratic and republican leaders seem to agree on those days is the $49.3 trillion debt ceiling needs to be


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